1. How much notice do you need?

It’s nice to have 48 hours for planning and preparation purposes.  If an urgent need arises, I can do 24 hours but there is a $15 rush fee.

2. Why should I cake get pops over a cake for my event?

First of all, cake pops make a huge statement! Each piece is created uniquely and your guest will have a one-of-a-kind treat in their hand. Second, when you purhcase a cake, it seems like there are always a lot of leftovers! A Petite Sweet treats are the perfect portion — some people will have one, while others may have eight — but you won’t be stuck with a big cake at the end of your party!

3. How many calories is each Petite Sweet?

After reading many articles and even trying to look at my own ingredients it seems that an average cake pop (depending on the additional toppings/decorations) has about 100-120 calories.

4. How do I store the cake pops before my event?

The cake pops are best when kept in the fridge prior to your event.  Some people prefer serving them cool/cold while others prefer serving at room temperature. Both are safe, it’s just a personal preference!

5.  Can the cake pops be frozen and saved?

Yes! The need for this does not arise often as most likely the tasty little sweets will all be eaten at the party or event but you can freeze them!

6. Do you deliver? How do I pick up my order?

I do my absolute best to meet my clients — most of the time we are able to find an easy spot that suits both parties! If you need them delivered to an event and are unable to meet there is a small delivery fee of $5.

7. How long does the process take you?

Depending upon the custom needs of each order it will vary. However, the average start to finish time (all-inclusive from baking to ready-to-serve) is about 4 hours.  Most people see these and think they are easy to make — for some, they are! They always seem to run into a roadblock on timing and decorating — that’s why you call A Petite Sweet!

Do you have questions you’d like answered? Email A Petite Sweet at APetiteSweet@hotmail.com and you’ll get your answers!


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